Translation From Latin Into English Of Devirginitate Perpetua Sanctae Mariae: The Perpetual Virginity of Holy Mary by Ildefonsus of Toledo (c. 650 A. D.)

Author: Donalson, Malcolm Drew
This English translation provides scholars with a seminal work in the development of the Marian cult in the West. lldefonsus of Toledo's work, including its series of so-called “Ciceronian synonyms” reproves those who would dare to question what for him was a bedrock of Christians' right belief—the perpetual virginity of Christ's Mother.


“The [author] may have chosen an opportune time to publish a reflective work on a religious theme. The time would be indicated by the public interest generated by such a film as ‘Gods and Men’ or the wide attendance drawn by the Cleveland Museum exhibit… …a graceful English translation of a late 7th century Latin tract.”-Prof. Paul Berry,

Table of Contents



Foreword by Paul Berry



The Conversion of the Visigoths

The Development of Marian Doctrine Prior to Bishop Ildefonsus

Visigothic Spain's Literary Flowering

Ildefonsus of Toledo's Life and Works

The De Virginitate Perpetua and Ildefonsus' Use of Synonyma

Summary of the Contents of the De Virginitate Perpetua

Whether Ildefonsus was Addressing Real Heretics

The "Original" Helvidius and Jovinian

The Problem of the Jews for Ildefonsus and the Visigothic Church

The "Bobbio Missal": A Late Seventh-Century Complement to Ildefonsus

The De Virginitate Perpetua in Posterity