The Poetry and Prose of Rosalía de Castro: A Bilingual Facing Page Edition

Author: Dever, John P. and Aileen Dever
This is the most thorough and representative volume of poetry and prose from Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885) ever translated into English. The book contains a comprehensive Introduction that provides essential information about the Galician land and language, supernatural spirits and shadows so significant in Rosalía de Castro’s works, her life and legacy, themes and techniques, principal publications. This book contains three color photographs and nine black and white photographs.


“This bilingual edition is another essential step forward in attempting to remedy the unjust relegation of this brilliant writer to insignificancy for reasons irrelevant to the quality of her works. ” – Prof. Marco A. Arenas, Central Connecticut State University

“. . . the most meticulous [work] of its kind ever done into English.” – Prof. Pilar Munday, Sacred Heart University “This rigorous bilingual edition makes accessible the passionate voice and views of this writer who was so unjustly neglected in the past because of her gender, socio-economic status, politics, and use of her regional language.” – Prof. Oscar de los Santos, Western Connecticut State University

Table of Contents

1. Brief Prose Selections: Lieders [Songs, 1858]
Prólogo, La hija del mar [Prologue, Child from the Sea, 1859]
Las literatas [Literary Women, 1866]
2. Cantares gallegos [Galician Songs, 1863]
3. Follas novas [New Leaves, 1880]
4. En las orillas del Sar [On the Banks of the River Sar, 1884]