The Catholic Bishops Of Europe And The Nazi Persecutions Of Catholics And Jews

Author: Lapomarda, Vincent
The book describes the role way some Catholic Bishops attempted to resist the Nazi extermination of the Jews and other populations during the Holocaust. It shows that many Catholic Bishops throughout Europe risked life and limb sheltering Jews and other victims. While other scholars forward different opinions on the matter, Lapomarda’s analysis of Pope Pius XII uses factual evidence to show the Pope acted against the Nazis' treatment of the Jews, and facilitated massive movements against the final solution.


“The author introduces us to many relatively unknown heroes of the Church during the Holocaust... it is an emotional and moving read that provides deep insight into history, human nature, and faith.”

-Prof. Ronald J. Rychlak,
University of Mississippi

“I think the book is significant for its astonishing breadth, for its critical commentary, and for its positive contribution to the continuing debate about the role of Pope Pius XII in the Holocaust.”

-Dr. Edward J. Kealey,
Holy Cross University

“The author seeks to recover ‘the facts,’ the particulars that nuance and challenge facile global judgments.”

-Prof. Alice L. Laffey,
The College of the Holy Cross

"Vincent Lapomarda, S.J., professor of history and a Holocaust specialist at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., focuses on the church heirachy, while including many other among the clergy and laity who risked or gave their lives in resisting the Nazis and aiding Jews. Lapomarda chronicles scores of bishops and priests, country by country, in a valuable but undetailed study. Particulars are often difficult to come by, since the clergy members who helped Jews sought no publicity and left few traces. He is forthright about those who were less than resistant to the Nazis but concentrates on the many who were heroes. Adding to the book's value as a resource is a bibliographical essay with country-by-country chapters. Extremely condensed, occasional details are reminders that some bishops also endured the horrors of concentration camps and some were martyred."

-James Donnelly,
May 6, 2013 Book Reviews
America The National Catholic Review

"Few subjects generate as much interest-and debate- as the Catholic Church's record during the Holocaust, and for understandable reasons...Focusing on the Catholic Biships - without overlooking nuncios, religious, and ordinary laymen - Lapomarda examines each country affected by the war, and consideres how Catholics, especially those in positions of power, reacted...All told, Fr. Lapomarda examines over twenty, [countries] and demonstrates how widespread and effective Catholic resistance was during the war years, disproving oft-heard claims that it was sparse and feeble...One thing that stands out in Fr. Lapomarda's valuable study is his command of the available evidence, including recent findings, from primary sources, specialized literature, and personal testimonies. He has a true historian's ability to synthesize a vast array of material and keenly assess it for the reader's edification...[it] is an outstanding example of the new scholarship taking place, and a sign that balance and integrity is finally returning to this important field of historical inquiry.
William Doino Jr.,
Contributing Editor,
'Inside the Vatican',

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ronald J. Rychlak i Author’s Preface v Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 The Pope 2 The Successors of Pope Pius XII 3 The Papal Diplomats 6 Chapter 1: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Italy 15 The Cardinal Archbishop of Florence 16 The Cardinal Archbishop of Genoa 17 The Cardinal Archbishop of Milan 18 The Cardinal Archbishop of Turin 20 The Cardinal Patriarch of Venice 21 Some Other Archbishops of Italy 22 Some Other Bishops of Italy 23 Italian Heroes and Heroines in the Shoah 27 Chapter 2: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in France 33 The Collaborationist Bishops 33 The Bishops Opposed to Vichy 35 French Heroes and Heroines 42 Chapter 3: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in the Low Countries 47 Belgium 47 Luxembourg 54 Netherlands 56 Chapter 4: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in the Iberian Peninsula 63 Portugal 63 Spain 66 Chapter 5: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Germany 71 The Cardinal Archbishop of Breslau 71 The Cardinal Archbishop of Munich 74 The Archbishops of Cologne 77 The Archbishops of Paderborn 79 The Bishop of Münster 80 The Bishop of Berlin 81 Some Other German Bishops 83 Bishops Who Supported the Nazis 91 Some Heroic Germans 94 Chapter 6: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Austria 97 The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna 97 Austrian Bishop Alois Hudal 99 Some Other Austrian Bishops 100 Heroic Austrians 102 Chapter 7: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Czechoslovakia 109 The Cardinal Archbishop of Prague 110 Some Other Czechoslovakian Bishops 111 The Bishops and the Jesuits in Slovakia 115 Dr. Jozef Tiso and the Jews 119 Chapter 8: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Poland 121 The Primate of Poland 121 The Archbishop of Kraków 123 The Martyred Bishops of Poland 125 Some Other Prominent Bishops 129 Heroic Clergy and Religious 132 Chapter 9: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in the Baltic States 143 Estonia 143 Latvia 145 Lithuania 147 Chapter 10: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Hungary 155 The Primates of Hungary 155 The Archbishops of Hungary 157 Some Other Bishops of Hungary 158 Heroic Hungarians 160 Chapter 11: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Yugoslavia 163 The Archbishop of Sarajevo 164 The Primate of Croatia 166 Other Archbishops and Bishops of Yugoslavia 170 The Jesuits 172 Chapter 12: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Romania 179 The Archbishops of the Roman Catholic Rite 180 The Archbishops of the Greek Catholic Rite 182 The Rescuing of Jews 184 Chapter 13: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Russia 187 The “Crusade Against Bolshevism” 188 The Sheptytsky Brothers 191 The Archbishop of Minsk 193 Chapter 14: The Bishops, Catholics, and Jews in Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey 195 Bulgaria 195 Greece 198 Turkey 200 Retrospective on Bishops Throughout Europe