Teaching Multicultural Literature to Help Children Understand Ethnic Diversity: Essays and Experiences

Author: Taylor, Gail Singleton, KaaVonia Hinton, and Lisa Moore
Taylor, Gail Singleton, KaaVonia Hinton, and Lisa Moore
Taylor, Gail Singleton, KaaVonia Hinton, and Lisa Moore
Addresses the challenges of multicultural teaching by presenting instructional strategies.


“. . . will be an invaluable tool for all those interested in extending our examination of diversity within the context of our nation’s classrooms . . .” – Dr. Margaret Bernice Smith Bristow, Portsmouth Public Schools

“This is a text that will encourage teachers and administrators to re-examine the way they approach instruction. Collectively, the essays make a compelling case for the idea that multicultural literature can transform the way students think about themselves and others and prepare them for a future in which cultural diversity will be the norm.” – Dr. Marycarolyn France

“This book is a road map to bridge the gap in the educational system for training in a culturally diverse society.” - Dr. Mary H.S. Welch

Table of Contents

Preface by Margaret Bernice Smith Bristow
Arab Children’s Literature in the Face of Testing Demands – Tami Al-Hazza, Bob Lucking
Multicultural Book Choices and Activities of Public School Teachers in Southeastern Virginia – Gail S. Taylor, Lisa S. Moore, and LaCyndra Young
Bridging the Culture of Science and the Cultures of our Students – Daniel Dickerson, KaaVonia Hinton-Johnson, and Karen Dawkins
Exploring Teacher Attitudes towards Multicultural Literature through the Arts – Jane Baskwill
Helping Preservice Teachers Reconcile Standardization and Diversity: Bridging Analytic and Critical Literacy through Multicultural Literature – Angela Hanson
Identity and the Teaching of Diversity – Paula Smith Allen
Using Multicultural Literature to Help Students Understand Issues of Homelessness – Melanie Tait
Walk Together Children: The Inclusive Nature of Multicultural Literature – Darrel Steward-Hoagland
Honoring Race, Ethnicity and Heritage: A First-Year Middle School Teacher’s Experience – Sirpa T. Grierson