Sufferings, Assassinations, and Martyrdom of the Missionary Church in Olancho, Honduras (1963-1982)

Author: Garcia, Mary
This text is an English translation of Sister Mary Garcia’s personal experience in Honduras. While describing the conflict between Church-backed agrarian reformers and land owners in Honduras during the late 1960s and 1970s, the book details how Sister Mary interacted with the campesinos, how she defended their interests, and how she transformed the Honduran Catholic Church’s image into a defender of the poor. The book further provides her account of the massacres at La Talanquera in 1972 and Los Horcones in 1975.


“We are thankful to Sister Mary García for the immense task which she accomplished upon writing the History of the Church of Olancho.” – Father Michel Piton

“This book is a living testimony to the unswerving gospel commitment to further the mission of the church at that significant moment in history.” – Sister Marietta Hanus, OSF

“[The text] permits us to enter the real world of troubled Latin America.” – Most Rev. Maurus Muldoon, O.F.M., D.D.

Table of Contents

Translator’s Note

List of Abbreviations

Area Maps

List of Color Plates

Prologue by Michel Piton

Dedication and acknowledgment of the Spanish Edition

Chapter I Arrival of the first missionaries

Chapter II Profile of a true servant and leader

Chapter III The new prelate welcomed to the Free Republic of Olancho

Chapter IV The call of Medellin

Chapter V A committed and well-organized church

Chapter VI Olancho’s Calvary

Chapter VII The whole Honduran church in prayer

Chapter VIII Bishop Nicolás cannot return to his Diocese

Chapter IX The church of Olancho in exile

Chapter X The return of the Olancho church personnel

Chapter XI The Olancho team continues to be faithful

Chapter XII My renewal and the renewal of the church

Personal testimony of Bishop Nicolás D’Antonio

Final Reflection