Street Children in Sierra Leone Who Forgive Those Who Physically and Sexually Abuse Them: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Author: Hinton, Samuel
The study examines multidimensional issues relating to cruelty and forgiveness, specifically following the ten-year civil war in Sierra Leone. It discussed some experiences of children in Biblical times, and connections between the work of street children personnel and practical theology.


“. . . a poignant and timely consideration of the current conditions faced by many children in sub-Saharan Africa. . . . The example of Sierra Leone’s children – having suffered physical, emotional, and psychological abuse beyond comprehension – is truly inspiring and a remarkable symbol of God’s grace in action.” – Prof. Scott Earle McLaughlin, St. Andrew’s College and Seminary

“As a reference work for those trying to get a handle on the nature of humanitarian crises in Africa and elsewhere, and possibilities for meaningful, sustainable reconstruction, this text will prove invaluable.” – Prof. Timothy G. Kiogora, Eastern Kentucky University

“. . . an artfully woven work that makes for compelling reading.” – Prof. Margaret Harris, Southern New Hampshire University

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Foreword by Dr. Scott Earle McLaughlin
Introduction – Snapshots
1. Making Connections
2. The Problem and Its Setting
3. Children in Crises, Theology, Theory, and Poverty
4. Working with Street Children
5. Failed Peace and Retrospective Prayer
6. Methodology
7. Questionnaire Items
8. Response Analysis
9. The Millennium Development Goals and Education
10. International Dimensions
11. Synopsis and Discussion
Appendix 1 – The War Forgiveness Scale
Appendix 2 – Speech at National Convention for War-Affected Children
Appendix 3 – Governor Clarkson’s Prayer for Sierra Leone
Appendix 4 – Timeline: Sierra Leone
Names Index
Subject Index