Russian Intellectual and Cultural History From the Ninth to the Twenty-First Century

Author: Tyrras, Nicholas
Although new histories of Russia, often reflecting the author’s cultural slant, appear regularly, there is a dearth of books that explain the Russian perspective. This work takes the opposite approach by acquainting readers with some of the foremost ideas
in Russian cultural history. This book contains twelve color photographs and sixteen black and white photographs.


“The analysis of the history and culture of Russia by Nicholas Tyrras is professional
and free from political prejudices. As a result the book is very helpful both for the
specialists on history, literature, politics of Russia and for the wide range of ordinary readers who are interested to widen their knowledge about the world.”

Prof. Lyubov Fadeeva
Perm State University

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Geographic setting
Chapter 2 The beginnings
Chapter 3 Spiritual foundations
Chapter 4 Cultural orientation
Chapter 5 Tatars and the rise of Moscow
Chapter 6 Emergence of Tsarism
Chapter 7 Seventeenth Century
Chapter 8 Peter I and westernization
Chapter 9 The Age of Enlightenment
Chapter 10 Romanticism and revolution
Chapter 11 Pushkin and Lermontov
Chapter 12 Belinsky and Gogol
Chapter 13 Whither Russia
Chapter 14 The national aesthetic
Chapter 15 Goncharov and Turgenev
Chapter 16 Dostoevsky
Chapter 17 Tolstoy
Chapter 18 Fin de siecle
Chapter 19 The pending revolution
Chapter 20 Fruits of the revolution
Chapter 21 Structure of the USSR
Chapter 22 Ideological demands
Chapter 23 Stalin
Chapter 24 Education and social values
Chapter 25 Thaw and dissidence
Chapter 26 Tenor of the times
Chapter 27 End of the USSR
Chapter 28 Contemporary Russia