Presence of Pauline Thought in the Works of Dante

Author: DiScipio, Giuseppe
This study presents a detailed and thorough investigation of Paul's theological presence in Dante's opus: particularly the Vita Nuova, the Epistles, the Convivio, the Monarchia and the Divine Comedy


"Professor DiScipio investigates, in a comprehensive and systematic fashion but always with the perceptiveness of an attentive critic and the sensitivity of an enthusiastic reader, the degrees by which ideas and notions derived from Paul's writings constitute the narrative, philosophical, and theological substratum of Dante's whole output. So cogent and thorough is his investigation that, at the end, one cannot but see St. Paul in an utterly new and more radiant light. . . . With this volume, which is undoubtedly a major contribution to the Dantean literature, Professor Di Scipio reaffirms his presence among the major Dante scholars of America." -- Joseph Tusiani