Novela y Cine de Ciencia Ficcion Espanola Contemporanea: Una Reflexion sobre la Humanidad

Author: Sánchez-Conejero, Cristina
This book represents a comprehensive study on a marginal genre that reveals key elements of Spanish culture and invites a a better understanding of humanity as a whole. The body of work on the topic of Spanish science fiction is severely limited and, of the few sources that exist, most focus on literature of a historical perspective. The text of the book is in Spanish.


"This is a remarkable piece of work, which will redefine the way we read and watch contemporary Spanish science fiction. The author provides us not only with sharp critical analysis, but also with extremely useful research material. Appendixes include interviews with six key authors from the science fiction scene, thus providing exceptionally useful insights into their writing process and cultural background."
Professor Enric Bou,
Brown University

Table of Contents

Foreword: Ignacio Lopez-Calvo


Primera Parte

Introduccion: La cienca ficcion espanola comtemporanea

Capitulo 1: La ciencia ficcion y la logica humana

Capitulo 2: Conceptos futuros de guerra y humanidad

Capitulo 3: Nacionalismo, racismo, u feminismo: una anti-utopia de ciencia ficcon

Capitulo 4: La historia: un cuento de ciencia ficcion?

Capitulo 5: El debate ciencia/religion

Capitulo 6: Cyberpunk, robots, tecnologia y ... El final de la humanidad?

Segunda Parte: Entrevistas

Entrevista 1: Entrevista a Juan Miguel Aguilera, novelista

Entrevista 2: Entevista a Carlos Atanes, director

Entrevista 3: Entrevista a Elia Barcelo, novelista

Entrevista 4: Entrevista a Gabriel Bermudez-Castillo, novelista

Entrevista 5: Entrevista a Rafael Marin, novelista

Entrevista 6: Entrevista a Javier Negrete, novelista

Entrevista 7: Entrevista a Domingo Santos, Novelista

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