New Evangelization in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan. A Sociological Report

Author: McCallion, Michael J.
Study is a new and unique examination of the implementation process of the New Evangelization (NE) in the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD) and its parishes from a sociological perspective. This qualitative and quantitative research study is based on how professional ecclesial ministers are implementing and not implementing the NE priority goals.


“The value of this work is heightened by the almost total lack of social science research in the field of the New Evangelization. Dr. McCallion’s work is unique... He examines the implementation of the New Evangelization through the perspective of a sociologist, albeit, a faithful Catholic sociologist who is very familiar with the parish scene, the primary locus of this study.”
-Mary L. Putrow OP, Ph.D.,
Faculty (retired),
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

“There is scant sociological research on the New Evangelization and so this is a rare piece of research addressing this important topic.”
-Dr. David R. Maines,
Oakland University

“Dr. McCallion’s research is a unique contribution both in the field of Sociology of Religion and for Ecclesial Studies in the area of the New Evangelization.
-Dr. Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter,
Oakland University

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables
Chapter One: The Introduction and Some Caveats
Obstacles: The Collective, Emotions, and Ritual
Final Introductory Notes
Contents of the Book
Chapter Two: History of the NE and Literature Review
Papal and US Bishops’ Initiatives
Official Local Sources: Detroit
Short History of the New Evangelization (NE) in Detroit
Literature Review for a Social Scientific Study of the NE
Chapter Three: Theory and Methods
Durkheim and Social Ritual Practices
Contemporary Durkheimian Theorists
Methodology: Real People, Real Situations, Real Time
Chapter Four: Conflict between NE and Vatican II Professionals, And Revitalization in Catholic Parishes
Cultural Crisis, the New Evangelization, and Passionate Leadership NE Professionals
Vatican II Professionals
NE and Revitalization in Parishes
Explaining Conflict and Revitalization with the NE
Chapter Five: The New Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Detroit as an Intra-Ecclesial Social Movement
Explaining the Intra-Ecclesial Social Movement of the NE Vatican II and NE Ecclesial Professionals
A Theoretical Examination
Chapter Six: Implementing the NE in Two Suburban Detroit Parishes:
Emotionally and Rationally Oriented Approaches
Religious Virtuosi, Rationalization, and Collective Effervescence Methodology: Snapshot of St. B’s and St. A’s Parish Evangelization Committees
Chapter Seven: Who Has Heard of the NE?
Chapter Eight: What Is the NE and How is It Understood?
Chapter Nine: Parishes With and Without NE Committees
Chapter Ten: What Effect Does the NE Committee and Social Demographics Have on What People Do
Chapter Eleven: Spiritual Connectedness and the NE
Chapter Twelve: Conclusions and Suggestions
Appendix A: Survey on the New Evangelization (NE), Winter, 2009
Appendix B: Demographic Data on Six Parishes Surveyed
Appendix C: Analytic Procedures for Data Reduction