Memoria Sobre El Nuevo Reino De Granada, 1803/a Report Concerning the Viceroyality of New Granada (present-Day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama) by Viceroy Pedro Mendinueta

Author: Mendinueta, Pedro
This is a major chronicle of the early nineteenth century and provides a firsthand account of the region prior to the Latin American Wars of Independence. This document, which has not appeared before in either English or Spanish, is divided into four major parts: ecclesiastical affairs, administration, Royal Exchequer and finances, and the military.


“…a magnificent job of providing an invaluable window into the world of colonial Colombia. Since Colombia is in the news every day, this study will provide an excellent insight into that country’s troubled past….the viceroy brings to light the human dimension of Nueva Granada, specifically matters involving health, crime, education, ethnicity, etc. which explains many of the current problems in the Colombia of today.” – Professor Douglas W. Richmond, University of Texas at Arlington

“…a masterful account of an often overlooked and unique era of Colonial Spanish America. The document lends insight into reforms proposed by the Spanish throne in an attempt to remedy problems inherent with colonial administration. It also clearly illustrates the importance of the colonies in regards to the maintenance of the Spanish Empire. Students of History and Political Science cannot help but draw relevance to Geo-political situations that exist today….Dr. Leiby skillfully delineates [Mendinueta’s] biography. He sheds insights into his class, upbringing, and personality which help explain the subsequent sequence of correspondence. Especially salient was the discourse involving the renowned explorers and naturalists Von Humbolt and Bonpland. Students of ecology and anthropology will find this section especially rewarding….This is must reading for students of the physical sciences as they developed in Colonial America….This manuscript is an astonishing account of a remarkable man during a unique period in history. Mendinueta’s report to his successor delineates the activities of the Catholic Church, the administration of justice, crime, finances, taxes, and military preparedness. Dr. Leiby paints a vivid picture of the accounts, and he brings a human voice to a remarkable chapter in history.” – Paul Zisk, Cosumnes River College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Commendatory Preface by Dr. Lewis A. Tambs
Parte Primera
1. Del Real Patronato
2. De los obispados
3. De lost Regulares
4. De las Misiones vivas
Parte Segunda
1. De los Tribunales de Justicia
2. De los Gobiernos y Corregimientos
3. De la Población y Policia
4. De la Instrucción Literaria
5. De las Minas
6. Del Comercio
Parte Tercera
1. Los Tribunales y Oficinas de Real Hacienda
2. De los Productos. Augmento y Deudas de Real Hacienda
3. Des Resguardo
Parte Cuarta
1. De la Tropa Veterana
2. De los Cuerpos de Milicias
3. De la Fortificación y Artilleria
4. De la Marina
Glossary; Bibliography