Life and Thought of Marjorie Reeves (1905-2003), Advocate for Humanist Scholarship and Opponent of Utilitarian University Education: An Edition of Her Unpublished Memoirs with an Introduction by Anthony Sheppard

Author: Reeves, Marjorie
This work is an edition of the memoirs of the late Dr. Marjorie Reeves, a distinguished scholar of the twentieth century. Reeves combined outstanding achievements in medieval studies with major contributions to educational thinking and policy making in Britain.


“She was making history even as she wrote it. Looking back on the revolution in history writing since her undergraduate days she was able to write in 2001 ‘Not least the concern of the human mind with its own future is now seen as a part of history. Joachim as a major medieval prophet stands now in a prominent position on the historical stage” -Prof Warwick Gould University of London

“It is a remarkable account of a remarkable woman whose life spanned almost the whole of the 20th century. ... This book, therefore, is a most important contribution to our understanding of that century.” -Prof. Richard Pring, University of Oxford

"... give[s] some vivid glimpses of a Wiltshire childhood in the early 20th century, and of Oxford in wartime, and I was glad to find out about this remarkable and inspiring woman." -- The Oxford Times

Table of Contents


Foreword Marjorie Reeves: A Personal Tribute

Editorial Practice
Textual Sources and Family Papers
Manuscripts '.
Family Papers
Overview of Marjorie Reeves' Life..

Part I - Beginnings
Chapter I: Identity: a place, a community, a family
Chapter II: Country Calendar
Chapter in: Rumours of War 1914-18

Part II -Education
Chapter IV: Chapel. The Expanding World of Ideas
Chapter V: Education
At home in Bratton
Trowbridge Girls' Grammar School
ChapterVI: Oxford 1923-27

Part III - Early Career
Chapter VII: London 1927-1938
Teaching in Greenwich 1927-29
Graduate Student, Westfield College 1929-31
Student Christian Movement
Lecturer at Teacher Training College 1931-38
The Christian Left
Chapter VIII: Oxford in War-Time

Part IV - Teacher, Scholar and Educational Thinker
Chapter IX: Teaching at St. Anne's 1945 - 1972
Chapter X: A Fellowship of Scholars
Italian Journeys
American Connections
San Giovanni in Fiore
Chapter XI: Educational Thinking for a Post-War World
Preparing for new directions in Education
Post-War Educational Debate
The Central Advisory Council for Education (England)
Issues in Higher Education
The Planning of two new Universities
Utility and Scholarship in Higher Education

Appendix Extracts from the Chapter on Travel
Early Experiences
America, 1954

A. Sources for Marjorie Reeves'Biography
a. Autobiographical
b. Other works
B. Works by Marjorie Reeves
a. Medieval Studies
b. Local & Family History
c. Then and There History books for Schools
d. Education
C. General Bibliography
a. Bratton & the Reeves/Whitaker Families
b. Oxford
c. Historical Scholarship
d. Politics, Educational Philosophy and Policy
e. Other Works Cited

Annotated Index of Personal Names
Index of Place Names and Subjects