Life and Thought of Henry Nelson Wieman (1884-1975). An American Philosopher

Author: Peden, W. Creighton
This work examines the contribution of Henry Nelson Wieman to nineteenth-century religious philosophy.


"This volume will make available in one volume Wieman’s intellectual autobiography, Creighton Peden’s analysis of Wieman’s thought, and the dialogue between Wieman and Peden. These will serve as an excellent introduction to Wieman’s life and thought." - Dr. Cedric L. Hepler, North Carolina State University

“This book is invaluable, not only as a thoroughly researched introduction to the intriguing ideas of a controversial and influential theologian of the past century, but also for placing his thought in the context of importsnt theologians of our time such as Karl arth, Reinhold Niebuhr, Charles Hartshorne, and Paul Tillich.” – Prof. Donald Crosby, Colorado State University

Table of Contents

Foreword: Cedric L. Hepler
Part 1: The Confession Of A Religious Seeker
Intellectual Autobiography
I. The Predicament
II. The Problem
III. The Awakening
IV. Childhood and Youth
V. College
VI. Theological Study
VII. In The Pastorate
VIII. Harvard
IX. College Teacher
X. Chicago Divinity School
XI. Neo-Orthodoxy
XII. Fellow Seekers
XIII. Religious Naturalism
XIV. The Last Years
Part 2: The Thought of Henry Nelson Wieman
Chapter One: Biographical Development
Chapter Two: Method
Chapter Three: Metaphysical Position
Chapter Four: Doctrine of God
Chapter Five: View of Religion
Chapter Six: Critical Comments
Part 3: A Dialogue with Henry N. Wieman