Life and Thought of Henry Gerhard Appenzeller (1858-1902), Missionary to Korea

Author: Davies, Daniel
Biography of the pioneering founder of Methodism in Korea who played a crucial role in opening Korea to the West.


"Davies' critical biography is richly documented with primary source material. The footnotes are almost as interesting as the text . . . . essential reading for those who wish to understand more deeply the struggling relationship in which the United States and South Korea are now engaged . . . ." - The Catholic Historical Review

"With this excellent critical biography of Appenzeller, Davies joins an expanding group of scholars who concentrate on the much-neglected subject of Western missionaries in Asia. Employ[s] largely primary sources . . . . Readers will find Davies' section on Appenzeller's mission theology very instructive." - Missiology

". . . this significant study [is] a thorough combing of the Appenzeller materials. . . . provides fascinating reading and better understanding of the beginnings of Protestant mission in a land where one now finds the largest Protestant church of just about every major denomination. For those interested in further study of Protestant beginnings in Korea, Davies includes an extensive bibliography as well as lengthy footnotes evaluating the available materials." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

". . . a much deeper character study than either of its predecessors. In fact its main value may lie in its powerful presentation of the motivations of the missionaries who risked (and sometimes lost) life and limb in remote corners of the world. . . . ha