Life and Thought of Charles Chauncy (1705-1787)

Author: Gibbs, Norman

With a Commendatory Foreword by Richard Hall
A spiritual biography of Charles Chauncy which, for the first time, provides an alternative and balanced view of his theology and life.


“… think of no finer way to honor my father’s name and his innumerable gifts to me than to facilitate the fulfillment of this last wish and request by editing his meticulous research into publishable form, thereby making Charles Chauncy’s evangelical Christianity, his patriotism, and his universal humanity available to a wider readership today.” – Prof. Lee Gibbs, Cleveland State University

Table of Contents

Editor’s Foreword



Part I: Life and Major Works

Chapter 1: Biographical Sketch and Personal Characteristics

Chapter 2: Chauncy as the Leading Critic of the Great Awakening

Chapter 3: Chauncy’s Opposition to the British Stamp Act and the Church of England’s Attempt to Establish a Bishop in America

Chapter 4: Theological Controversy over the Doctrine of Original Sin

Chapter 5: The Controversy Over Universal Salvation

Chapter 6: Chauncy Becomes “Theologian of the American Revolution”

Part II: The Problem of Revelation and Reason in the Thought of Charles Chauncy

Chapter 7: The Impact of the Enlightenment Upon the Thought of Chauncy

Chapter 8: The Nature and Value of Natural Religion

Chapter 9: Christ and the Spirit in Revelation

Chapter 10: Revelation and the Bible

Chapter 11: Saving Faith

Chapter 12: Closure to Part II

Chauncy’s Kenotic Christology

Chapter 13: A Christology of Two Portraits

Chapter 14: Covert Arianism or Covenant Theology in Kenotic Disguise?

Chapter 15: Kenosis in the New Testament

Chapter 16: The Kenosis in the Writings of Chauncy

Chapter 17: Closure to Part III

Selected Bibliography