Importance of Reading Unknown Poets in Relation to Those Who are Known

Author: Lewis, Ethan
This critical anthology features fourteen relatively unknown poets from Sangamon, Illinois examining their impact on one another and their importance in establishing a context for understanding the work of more noted poets. The importance of reading poets in relation to one another for the study of literary history is emphasized in the interpretations of the poets included herein.


“This book is ambitious because it serves as thematic, analytic, and aesthetic introduction to a loose confederation of poets bound as much by geography as by aesthetics - poets of whom many readers have read too little or perhaps none at all.” - Dr. Kevin Stein, Bradley University

“This is a sound and interesting book.” - Jacqueline Jackson, Professor of Literature Emerita, University of Illinois at Springfield

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kevin Stein
1 Frank Stokes among the Masters Sonnets from “Bethel Grove”
2 The Sound Poetographer (Sam B. Davis) Selections from “Poetographs”
3 The Sophypoetics of Blake Scranton Selections from “Gray Matters”
4 Illinois Prosodies of John Knoepfle and Carolyn Rodgers Selected “poems from the sangamon” (Knoepfle) Poems from Rodgers’ “The Heart as Ever Green”
5 Precipitation—The Poetry of Corrine Frisch Selections from “Seasonal Affections”
6 Under the Light of the Moon: "Impressions," "Words," Revelation (Rosina Neginsky) From “Under the Light of the Moon”
7 "We'll build in sonnets pretty rooms"(Siobhan & David Pitchford) Sonnets from “Dialogue: An Intimate Conversation”
8 Daze Dawn (Siobhan Pitchford) Selected poems from “Through the Longing Daze”
9 A Certain Dignity (Ken Sibley) Selections from “A Certain Dignity”
10 Inside “The Outsider” (Michael Mikus) “The Outsider” : Selections
11 Blackston's "rainbow / of iron"(Daniel Blackston) Poems from “Shaman Flowers”
12 Under Western Eyes (Lee Gurga) Haiku by Lee Gurga
13 Considered Space (Ryan Reeves) From “ ár-wéla”
14 Her Studied Gandering (Martha Whitaker-McGill) From “Goose Ganders at Washington Park”
Poets’ Bibliographies