How Citizens are Produced and Ethnicity is Maintained in Post-Colonial Mauritius, with Special Attention to the Creoles. An Anthropological Study

Author: Baptiste, Espelencia Marie
This book examines how an education system can provide mechanisms for nation building This work exposes how these mechanisms influence imagining, building, and enacting nation in a country with no native population It also examines how its colonially introduced ethnic groups proudly proclaim their differences in language and history.


“This book makes a strong case for Baptiste’s conclusion that when positioning education in theories for nation-building, analyst should ‘steer clear of the ideological mystification of education’ because it is a system that not only resulted from a particular socio-political context, but was neither homogeneous nor consistent across the geographical and historical spaces in which it was developed. Postcolonial nations require a new discourse on the role of education since the contemporary interstate system entails a different kind of competition among nation-states.” – Prof Brackette F. Williams, University of Arizona, Tucson

“. . . a compelling book that breathes fresh air in our understanding of social change in Mauritius through education. We are able to see how a hegemonic state can shape identify to its own desired goals. Many of the chapters are based on empirical research rather than building up on colonial analyses, interpretation and synthesis that we are used to seeing in ethnographic studies on Africa." – Prof. Hannington Ochwada, Missouri State University

“. . . a fascinating and penetrating rendering of some of the most interesting themes on the social and cultural history of Africa, using Mauritius as a case study.” – Prof. Maurice Amutabi, Central Washington University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Brackette F. Williams
Chapter 1
Imagineering the Mauritian Nation in the Fissures of Ethnicity
Chapter 2
Violence, Ethnicity and the State
Chapter 3
Galoupe ek Boule Dan Mo Lippie: Creole Children in the Mauritian Education System
Chapter 4
The Prodigal Children of the Nation: History and the Construction of Mauritian Citizenship
Chapter 5
The Prize and the Weapon: Language and Identity in the Mauritian Education System