Glory of Adam and the Afflictions of the Righteous. Pauline Sufferings in Context

Author: Pate, C.
This study examines the role that Adam theology played in the thinking of the apostle Paul, arguing that the double motif of glory/suffering and the figure of Adam might be a valuable hermeneutic for other key Pauline texts on suffering. For each of those texts, a three-fold procedure is followed: 1) the identification of the interwoven themes of suffering and glory; 2) the uncovering of the notion of the restoration of Adam's glory through righteous suffering; and 3) the passage's contribution to the understanding of the tri-level relationship existing among the afflictions of Christ, Paul and the latter's audience.


"Pate presents his work in well-organized and clear arguments. . . . He effectively highlights the eschatological theme of the suffering of the righteous and the apocalyptic call for obedience in spite of suffering. Further, along with others whom he cites, Pate convincingly uncovers the presence of Adamic thought in texts that are not commonly recognized to contain it." - Critical Review of Books in Religion 1994