Geopolitics of Energy in the Caspian Sea Region: The Challenges Faced by Azerbaijan

Author: Mammadov, Ilgar
This study describes the geopolitical importance of Azerbaijan’s natural resources.
The argument presented includes both empirical data as well as expert opinions from diplomats.


“. . . an outstanding correction of the current over concentration of energy specialists on security problems located along the Indian Ocean edge of Eurasia rather than a balanced consideration of Continental and Rimland threats.” – Prof. Andrew C. Hess, Tufts University

“. . . a major contribution to the study of why Central Asia has profound geo-political importance.” – Prof. William C. Martell, Tufts University

Table of Contents

I. Defining Geopolitics, Caspian Sea Region and Energy Security
1. Geopolitics
2. Caspian Sea Region
3. Energy Security
II. Global Energy Trends
1. Liquid Fuels
2. Natural Gas
III. Oil and Natural Gas Production in Azerbaijan
1. Brief History
2. Oil
3. Natural Gas
IV. Azerbaijan’s Energy Policy
1. Objectives
2. Status of the Caspian Sea
3. Pipeline Politics Oil &?Gas
4. Managing Energy Revenues
V. Geopolitics of Energy
1. The US Stakes
2. The Russian Interests
3. Europe’s Position
4. Iran’s Ambitions