From the Nightmare of South African Apartheid to an American University Chancellor. The Life of Thomas K. Ranuga

Author: Ranuga, Thomas
This is a memoir whose ultimate objective is to trace in forthright terms the trying and painful odyssey of the author before, during and even after Apartheid. It is a uniquely personal story about the long nightmare of the trials and tribulations of white supremacy/Apartheid that marked the life of the writer from infancy through the teenage stage to adulthood.


“This is a firsthand authentic narrative of life under Apartheid, the author’s experiences growing up under the system, his life struggles while he was away from home, and contributions to end Apartheid while studying, working, and living in exile.” -Dr. Samuel Hinton,
Professor of Educational Studies
, Eastern Kentucky University

“In his memoir, Thomas Ranuga has given us a unique and informative portrait of the immediate and long-term effects of South Africa’s apartheid system. Through the lens of his personal journey and the trained eye of a sociologist, he vividly demonstrates the intersection of biography and history. In doing so, Dr. Ranuga both informs and challenges, raising difficult but important questions about contemporary South Africa, while inviting readers to consider the true meaning of economic and racial justice.”
-Judith Rollins,
Professor Emerita,
Africana Studies and Sociology, Wellesley College

Table of Contents

Part I: Early Years (1938-1955)
1. Childhood and Teens
2. Elementary Education
3. Life in the Township
Part II. Away from Home (1956-72)
4. A Calling to Religious Life
5. Turning to Secular Education
6. Taking a Defiant Stand
7. In Limbo
Part III: Away from South Africa (1972…)
8. In London
9. A Risky Trip
10. A Hard Transition
11. In the United States
12. International Campaign Against Apartheid
13. The Black Consciousness Movement
14. Mandela’s Release and Reaction
15. Change and Challenges
16. The Struggle Continues