Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff: Architecture as Sacred Space

Author: Lubienecki, Paul
Examines the architectural philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright in his design of Graycliff on the shores of Lake Erie in Derby, N.Y. Designed and constructed in the late 1920s, the estate shows how architecture, nature, family and theology blend to become a unified reality at Graycliff.

This edition is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright


“The book is more that a chronicle of a house, its designer and owners. The purpose is to show how three influences: Wright’s spiritualism; the Martins’ family values and the second owners-the Piarist Fathers’ theology-are harmonized and celebrated in the design, layout and utilization of the materials.”
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Sacred Space

Chapter Two: Frank Lloyd Wright

Chapter Three: Darwin and Isabelle Martin

Chapter Four: Belle's Summer House

Chapter Five: Scholarum Piarum

Chapter Six: Rescue, Restoration, Renewal

Chapter Seven: Sacred Space Realized

Chapter Eight: A Dwelling of Transition