Comparison of the Social, Religious, and Gender Role Attitudes of Catholic and Protestant Women in the Republic of Ireland: Twenty-First Century Ireland From a Woman’s Perspective

Author: Craven, Florence E.V.
This study is unique in that it analyzes the attitudes of a female sample stratified according to religious tradition (Catholic/Protestant). The sample was also stratified by age (21-45/46-70 years) and location (rural/urban). Irish sociological, social psychological and feminist scholarship has produced diverse work concerning many facets of Irish women’s lives, but little research has specifically focused on the attitudes of Irish Protestant and Catholic women as distinct groups.


“Teasing out the various factors determining women’s differing perceptions of religion reveals the multi-faceted and diverse nature of their experiences and aspirations, and Florence Craven’s work will play a significant part in contributing to and enhancing the contemporary debate on the inter-related roles of women, religion and society in Ireland.” – Prof. Myrtle Hill, Queen’s University Belfast

“Although there is a host of data looking at [denominational belonging in respect of gender-related] issues in the context of Northern Ireland, the significance of denominational belonging in the Republic of Ireland has not, to my knowledge, been considered heretofore.” – Prof. Linda Hogan, Trinity College Dublin

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
Foreword by Dr. Myrtle Hill
1. An Overview of Women, Religion and Social Change in Modern Ireland
2. Methodology
3. The Social and Religious Attitudes of Catholic and Protestant Women in Ireland: Results from the Qualitative Study
4. Factor Analytic Results for the Total, Catholic and Protestant Samples
5. Percentages and Independent Sample Means for the Social, Religious and Gender-Role Attitudes of Catholic and Protestant Women
6. The Effects of Religion, Age and Location on the Social, Religious and Gender Role Attitudes of Catholic and Protestant Women
7. Correlational Relationships between Factors Measuring Social, Religious and Gender Role Attitudes of Catholic and Protestant Women
8. Summary and Discussion Appendices