Chinese Painting Collection and Correspondence of Sir James Stewart Lockhart (1858-1937)

Author: Lightfoot, Sonia
This work examines the surviving letters and acquisitions of Sir James Stewart Lockhart, a colonial civil servant in the late nineteenth century. The book also provides insight into the life of Tse Ts’an Tai, the agent and revolutionary who facilitated the expansion of Lockhart’s impressive Chinese art collection. This book contains twenty-two black and white photographs and eleven color photographs.


“. . . the story of how Lockhart’s collection came into being is more important and interesting than the collection itself, and we must be grateful to Sonia Lightfoot for unraveling it with such care, and for presenting it in so engaging a manner.” - Professor Michael Sullivan, Fellow Emeritus St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University

“While this is a study of a particular collector and collection it nevertheless provides an all too rare view of a relationship between the Western collector and the Chinese agent that must have been more widespread in China during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Lightfoot’s critical assessment of the paintings (which survive in the collection of the National Museums of Scotland), is also a valuable contribution to the wider study of Chinese painting.” – Professor Nick Pearce, Director of the Institute of History, University of Glasgow

“The resulting account is of great value in illuminating the circumstances and mechanisms of colonial collecting, neither of which has been much treated in existing publications.” - Sheleigh Vainker, Curator of Chinese Art, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Professor Michael Sullivan
List of Abbreviations
1. A British Consular Officer 1858-1937
2. Friends and Associates
3. Tse Ts’an Tai (1872-1939), Agent and Revolutionary
4. Building the Collection
5. Research and Serious Doubts
6. Changing Traditions in Chinese Art Criticism in 1920
7. Contemporary Critical Analysis
8. England 1924-1937 and the Scottish Legacy
Appendix 1: Tse Ts’an Tai and Sir James H. Stewart Lockhart
Appendix 2: South China Post, 22 May 1913
Appendix 3: Assessment of Illustrated Paintings
Appendix 4: Inscriptions for the Illustrations