Arthrous Occurrence and Function in the Pauline Corpus with Particular Focus on the Text of Romans

Author: Jacobs, Victor Stephen
This work is a study of the Greek Article in the Pauline Corpus, focusing especially on the letter to the Romans. The history of development as a demonstrative and relative pronoun is traced from the Mycenaean period to its occurrence in Homer and in subsequent Greek writers.


“. . . offers a very thorough and fruitful analysis of Paul’s use of the article in Romans where major decisions concerning hermeneutics and theology often depend on a small detail of a particular passage of the letter. . . . scholars on Paul and of Romans in particular will find [this work] relevant.” – Dr. William S. Campbell, University of Wales Lampeter

“Dr. Jacobs’ study reinstates the overlooked Greek article as an important part of Greek exegesis and grammar.” – Dr. Herbert Hirt, Philadelphia Biblical University

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Chapter 1
History of the Article
Chapter 2
History of the Study of the Article
Chapter 3
Methodological Approach to the Study
Chapter 4
The Nature and Uses of the Article
Chapter 5
Arthrous Occurrence and Function in the Pauline Corpus: The Text of Romans
Arthrous Occurrence and Function in the Pauline Corpus: Selected Examples from the Remaining Pauline Texts
Chapter 7
Conclusion of the Study
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