Art of Painting of Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties

Author: Bao, Yuheng
Bao, Yuheng
OVERSIZE. 8½ x 11 format with 40 photo illustrations

The art of Chinese paintings developed rapidly during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties from 1271-1911. This book offers a survey of the development of Chinese painting during these three dynasties. The book is an interdisciplinary historical aesthetic study of Chinese painting and art. It examines how social, political, philosophic, and religious factors impacted Chinese painting. The authors have collaborated to produce a valuable resource guide that lists the most significant Chinese painters to emerge during a span of 600 years. There are over 40 illustrations throughout the text of this book.

Table of Contents

1: The Early Yuan Dynasty

2: Landscape Painting

3: The Art of Flowers and Birds

4: Figure Painting of the Yuan Dynasty

5: Mural, Printing and Others

6: The Early Ming Dynasty

7: The Zhejiang School

8: The Suzhou School

9: The Late Ming Dynasty

10: The Art of Murals

11: Figure Painting

12: The Ming-Qing Transition

13: The Four Wangs, Wu, Yun and Others

14: The “Four Monks”

15: Lang Shining and Others

16: The Yangzhou School of Painting

17: The Late Qing and the Beginning of Modern Painting