Ants of New Mexico

Author: Mackay, William P. and Mackay, Emma E.
Mackay, William P. and Mackay, Emma E.
This work includes keys, illustrations, descriptions and distribution maps of all of the ant species found in New Mexico, a total of 227 species and subspecies, with a listing of another 66 that probably occur in the state. It is designed to allow nearly any biologist to determine the identity of ants, written with a minimum of jargon.


“I have had the pleasure of using the Mackays’ book, The Ants of New Mexico, and I have found it to be the best regional insect guide I have used. There are several reasons this book stands out from all the rest. It is student friendly…. Equally useful to a myrmecologist, an entomologist and the entomology or ecology student. They keys are easy to use, the illustrations are well done and the text is clear and concise….. I have had the opportunity to correctly identify many ants from these genera using the Mackays’ book. Most of the other any books available are too technical or written in such a way that they are useless for a student or a non-specialist. Ants of New Mexico will set the standard for all future regional works on ants and other insects in both style and substance.” – Richard Fagerlund, B.C.E., University of New Mexico

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Foreword; Introduction; Preface
Key to the Ants of New Mexico
List of the Ants of New Mexico
Subfamily Ponerinae
Subfamily Cerapachyinae
Subfamily Ecitoninae
Subfamily Myrmicinae
Subfamily Dolichoderinae
Subfamily Formicinae
Bibliography; Glossary of Terms; Index