Anarchy and the Quest for Political Stability in Sierra Leone

Author: Nwagboso, Emmanuel
Sierra Leone has undergone an era of political instability. The author proposes several solutions to the problems in that country. Their diamond trade provides the necessary wealth to build a thriving economy. However, their use of child laborers has drawn criticism from the human rights community. International relations are also discussed by proposing ways of facilitating economic trade with neighboring countries. The role of the IMF, the United Nations, and other international Non-Governmental Organizations are discussed at length.


“The book takes a balanced approach to the roles chiefdoms played during the civil war in Sierra Leone... a worthwhile contribution. It is written in the conviction that the political, economic and social future of Sierra Leone is in the hands of both the people and the government. This book will prove greatly beneficial for both students and scholars alike.”

-Prof. Leon Newton,
Jackson State University
(From the Commendatory Foreword)

"... it is a fine contribution to the history of civil war as well the struggle for economic development and political stability in post-independence Africa." -Prof. Lomarsh Roopnarine, Jackson State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Newton

Chapter One: The History of Sierra Leone

Chapter Two: Chiefdoms and Early Political Party Organizations

Chapter Three: The Politics of Diamonds

Chapter Four: The Period of Turbulence

Chapter Five: Internal and External Forces in the Sierra Leone Conflict

Chapter Six: Sierra Leone's Global Relations

Chapter Seven: The Path to Peace and Stability

Chapter Eight: The Future of Sierra Leone