An Experiential Theory for the Interpretation of Poetry: Why We Like What We Like

Author: Crist, Robert
An examination of the interrelationship of of poetry and theory shows that theoretical approaches to lyrical texts are not mutually exclusive but endlessly complementary. The application of of theories to poems in the twelve sections of the study demonstrates both the fecundity of theory and the openness of texts to exhaustless appreciation.


"This book is not first and foremost an anthology of poetry. It is, rather, something more valuable and needed. Granted, Dr. Robert Crist has assembled a marvelous selection, both ancient and modern, of English poems and poems in English translation. But the importance of this work lies beyond the individual selections and the philosophical or critical frameworks applied to them. What is rarer and more precious here is that the text is a profound enactment of reading itself. In it we witness a passionate, generous, and knowledgeable reader's life, read through and experienced in poetry. Crist's hermeneutic is not theoretical but lived."
Robert Patzig, President, Ligmincha International Institute for Bon Buddist Studies

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Patzig


Permissions and Acknowledgements

I. Aesthetics

II. Inspiration

III. Formalism

IV. Structuralism

V. Tradition


VII. Ontology

VIII. The Poetry of the Biosphere

IX. Innovation

X. Reader Response

XI. The New Historicism

XII. Elegiac

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