Albertelli’s Parmenides. A Translation of Pilo Albertelli’s Annotated Italian Version of Diels-Kranz

Author: Martin, Stuart
One of the virtues of Pilo Albertelli’s work on the Presocratics is that it gives us an insight into the state of Eleatic studies, especially in Italy and Germany, in the years preceeding WWII. It also provides those not fluent in Ancient Greek, but who understand Italian (now English) a ready access to all of the documents dealing with Parmenides in Diels-Kranz, Die Vorsokratiker. - Translator’s Preface

Table of Contents

Translator’s Preface
Abbreviations and Notes about the Translation
Albertelli’s Text:
-The Categories of Presocratic Philosophy
-The Present State of Presocratic Scholarship
-After Parmenides
-Testimonia and Fragments
A). Life and Doctrine
B). Fragments
Translator’s Notes
Index of Name