A Concordance to Herman Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street

A valuable research tool in the continuing concordance set edited by the esteemed Dr. Wegener consisting of the Contextual Concordance and five appendices: "Capitalized Words and Phrases," "Hyphenated Words," "Deleted Words" with numeric contexts (257-A to 257-E), "Italicized Words," and "Numbers and Special Characters" with a Variant Reading List including Discussions of Adopted Readings, List of Emendations, Report of Line-End Hyphenation, and a List of Substantive Variants.


“Wegener has chased Melville for more than thirty years, and, when his hunt is completed, he will have provided Melville’s readers with an impressive and weighty shelf of indispensable keys into the mind and art of one of America’s most successful, rewarding, and enduring authors.”
-Donald Yannella,
Editor, 1976-89, Melville Society Extracts (A Quarterly)

Table of Contents

Frontispiece illustration, 378 “Bartleby the Scrivener”
Foreword by Dr. Donald Yannella
List of Illustrations
1. The Unity of Time in “Benito Cereno” and “Bartleby”
Critical Introduction
The Concordance:
Appendix I: Capitalized Words and Phrases
Appendix II: Hyphenated Words
Appendix III: Deleted Words
A. A Complete Numeric Contexts for Deleted Words (257-A to 257 –E)
Appendix IV: Italicized Words
Appendix V: Numbers and Special Characters
Variant Readings
I. Discussions of Adopted Readings
II. List of Emendations
III. Report of Line-End Hyphenation
IV. List of Substantive Variants
Paragraph to Page-Lines Index