Li, Xia

About the author: Li Xia was born and educated in China, but has been living in Australia for the past ten years. She is the founder of Chinese programmes in the University of Newcastle, Australia where she lectures in Chinese language and literature. She has published on the Chinese poets Gu Cheng and Yang Lian and on the theory and practice of translation, and is currently conducting research in Chinese avant-garde literature, women’s literature and contemporary Chinese cinema. She is the English translator of Gu Cheng’s narrative prose work Ying’er which appeared in the projekt verlag, Dortmund in 1995

Essays, Interviews, Recollections and Unpublished Material of Gu Cheng, 20th Century Chinese Poet the Poetics of Death
1999 0-7734-8005-6
This study is a wide-ranging collection of contributions by people close to the final drama and tragic death of Chinese poet Gu Cheng and by eminent international scholars with diverse views on the poet and his literary achievements. The contributions represent an interesting balance of male and females perspectives on Gu Cheng. They include biographical sketches with personal insights and reminiscences, as well as unpublished documents and critical assessments of his literary oeuvre. It constitutes a significant source book on Gu Cheng, particularly since so little critical response has been available in English.