McGaw, William Books

Associate Professor William McGaw has held senior positions in three Australian universities since 1993, most recently as a Dean and as Pro Vice-Chancellor International at Macquarie University at which he attained undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Concordance to the Complete Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517-1547)
2015 1-4955-0377-1
This concordance is an entirely new and major contribution to rediscovering the corpus of work and achievements from the sixteenth-century poet Henry Howard. It is, as no previous concordance has been, a coherent, integrated and an intellectually accessible resource with significant innovations in literary concordances, archaic words, modern words with obsolete meanings, and words with multiple means have been glossed with a wide range of application.

Critical Edition of the Complete Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: Edited with Notes and Extensive Introduction by William Mcgaw
2012 0-7734-2917-4
This is an entirely new and comprehensive edition of the Complete Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, edited by William McGaw. It offers an extensive introduction, a definitive text, four appendices, concise but thorough notes, select bibliography, annotated bibliography of sources, and a glossary. McGaw fills in a gap that scholars and critics have lamented for the past two decades and complements a full-scale biography published by William A. Sessions in 1999. Surrey was a preeminent courtier under King Henry VIII, and was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the two major Tudor poets (along with Sir Thomas Wyatt). He transformed the Petrarchan sonnet into its English form, created English blank verse, and he wrote the first personal elegy in English upon Wyatt’s death. No manuscript or early printed edition contains all of his work. Copy of only one poem definitely dates from his life, and copies of two further poems probably date from Surrey’s lifetime. Therefore, the canon of Surrey’s poetry has been established by the application of three fundamental principles: attribution to Surrey by a reliable source, inclusion with poems otherwise known to be by Surrey, and corroboration. This edition has been enhanced by more recent research and by access to more sources. As a result, there are fifty-nine poems, forty-four songs and sonnets, eleven Biblical paraphrases with two prologues, and two books of the Aeneid. Notable in the edition are the inclusion of two poems generally regarded as doubtful, the addition of two previously unknown or overlooked psalms, the relegation to an appendix of a further poem and the collation in the apparatus of further substantive extant versions.