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The last chapters are given over to the defeat of Germany, the creation of the atomic bomb, and America’s first friction with Russia over nuclear weapons and their control. This work embodies the judgment of a Russian historian, supported by factual documentation and careful analysis of the contemporary press, personal research confirmed by historical perspective, and critical examination of old, established interpretations grounded in new documentary sources that are published here for the first time. Western readers engaged in research on the relations of Russia, America, and European countries will now have those sources at their disposal About the author: V. L. Malkov is a departmental head at the Institute for World History of the Russian Academy of Science and a professor at the Moscow State University. He has written more than 250 articles and ten monographs. Two of his latest works deal with Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the history of the “Manhattan Project.” He is now working on a book about Russian-American relations in the 20th century. In Russian

America in the Era of Ordeal and Great Reforms, 1929-1945 a Russian Historian’s Approach
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