Fortier, Theodore N.

Ted Fortier (PhD Washington State University) is an Assistant Professor Anthropology at Seattle University. In addition to his fieldwork among the Plateau Indian People, he has worked among the Yu’pik and Athabascan people of Alaska, the Yaqui of Arizona, and Central American groups. His current research interests are the production of memory, the modes of resistance among marginalized cultural groups, tribal rights, and environmental justice.

Religion and Resistance in the Encounter Between the Coeur D’alene Indians and Jesuit Missionaries
2002 0-7734-6926-5
For scholars of anthropology there is a serious gap in works on Indian peoples of the Northwest, and the Columbia Plateau in particular. This study of the Coeur d’Alene people’s religion and spirituality, and its relationship to Jesuit/Catholic spirituality from the mid 19th century on is unique in the field. An important element is the examination of the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises and their place in mission identity.