Ost, Suzanne

About the author: Suzanne Ost is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Central Lancashire. Primarily, her main interests lie in medical law, moral aspects of law, and socio-legal research.

Analytical Study of the Legal, Moral and Ethical Aspects of the Living Phenomenon of Euthanasia
2003 0-7734-6613-4
This work provides a close examination of the definitional issues surrounding euthanasia, and analyses euthanasia as a ‘living phenomenon’ which can be best understood by reflecting upon subjective understandings of the subject and individuals’ lived experiences of their medical conditions and treatment. The work addresses not only the law surrounding voluntary active euthanasia, but also the withdrawal of treatment from incapacitated patients, the refusal of treatment by competent patients, and the subject of advance directives. Additionally the work takes a comparative approach to euthanasia laws in the Netherlands and Australia in order to illustrate the differing legal and ethical positions that exist. The work includes a small empirical study which takes forward some of the central issues by placing them in the contextual setting provided by members of the medical profession, hospice staff, general public, and voluntary and anti-euthanasia society members.