Lawrence, Sharon Orleans Books

Sharon Orleans Lawrence is a working artist, art historian, and arts educator currently serving as Chair of the Department of Art and Graphic Design at the American University of Kuwait. She has travelled the world engaging the art, methods and motivations of artists across cultures and throughout history.

How the Materiality of Paint is Intrinsic to the Work of Art. Explanation of the Meaningful Placement of the Medium of Painting in Contemporary Art Theory
2013 0-7734-4463-7
With the invention and ascendance of photography, film and telematics art, has the art of painting become redundant? This book centers on the argument that oil painting, as art-making, remains viable and necessary as a contemporary medium. It does so by examining the materiality present in paint and how it contributes to a viewer’s engagement with a painting. Materiality is, literally, the embodiment of the painting’s ontology, distilled from the characteristics of the paint, the painter’s experience with the paint, and its presentation to the viewer in such a way as to evoke a visceral response.