Bennett, Scott Books

About the author: Scott Bennett received his PhD in Political Science from York University. He is Associate Professor at Carleton University. His other books include The Quantitative Approach in Political Science (Mellen, 1986) and Technology and Work in Canada (ed.) (Mellen, 1990).

Public Affairs Research Methods a Quantitative Introduction
1996 0-7734-8770-0
This is one of the most comprehensive introductory texts ever written on quantitative research methods for the study of public affairs. It is relevant to research methods in traditional disciplines such as political science, political economy, public administration, public policy, government relations and international relations. However, it goes beyond a limited disciplinary focus and gives definition and meaning to the emerging field of public affairs. Unlike traditional texts in older disciplines, the examples are not limited to a specific polity and society, thus it can be used in any teaching environment. The entire research process from conception to analysis and reporting is covered in detail. The initial chapters provide a solid grounding in the logic of research problems, followed by detailed material on measurement and data collection. Remaining chapters provide an introduction to basic techniques of univariate analysis, association and correlation and, finally, techniques such as regression and their use in estimating impacts of variables on other variables. Little mathematical background is assumed, and most technical material is dealt with in terms of easily understandable verbal explanations and illustrations.

Quantitative Approach in Political Science an Introduction
1986 0-88946-205-4
Provides students with a verbal description of the quantitative research process, with only limited and selective use of the formal symbolism of mathematics and statistics. Intended for use in year-long introductory courses in political-science quantitative research methods. Also relevant for courses in public administration, public policy, law, and international relations. Available at special price for text use.

Technology and Work in Canada
1990 0-88946-213-5
One of the few studies to provide a comprehensive empirical and theoretical analysis of technology's impact on Canadian working life. Major figures in academia, economic planning, and organized labor deal with: the conceptualization of technology and its relation to labor in the broadest sense; the joint historical evolution of technology and labor; empirical studies of the impact of technology on work in Canada; quantitative and qualitative case studies; and considerations of future public policy relating to technology and work.