Sandberg, Ruth N. Books

About the author: Dr. Ruth Sandberg received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently Leonard and Ethel Landau Assistant Professor of Rabbinics at Gratz College, Melrose Park, PA.

Rabbinic Views of Qohelet
1999 0-7734-7971-6
"Dr. Sandberg's book is a careful and thoughtful study of the variety of Rabbinic interpretations of the Biblical Book of Qohelet with special attention to the ways in which Rabbinic and medieval Jewish Biblical interpretation had to re-interpret the original text's meaning in order to accommodate it to ‘normative' Jewish beliefs. . . . The book contains large chunks of gracefully translated sections of Rabbinic midrash and medieval exegesis (RaShBaM) and, along with Dr. Sandberg's lucid commentary on the texts, this book will provide a very useful textbook for courses in Jewish interpretation and thought and perhaps even Bible." – David Stern