Luoma, Robert Books

Music, Mode, and Words in Orlando Di Lasso's Last Works
1989 0-88946-435-9
Applies 16th-century music theory to an analysis of Orlando di Lasso's Le Lagrime di San Pietro. "Luoma is to be commended for succinctly stating his argument and for providing a great deal of tabulated data to study with the score in hand. . . . Specialists in renaissance music will be comfortable with Luoma's presentation, even if they do not agree with every analysis. . . . Its greatest benefits will be heard in the performance of this or similar music, guided by attention to the details of modal practice. These performances will have a much greater clarity of perspective and subtlety of definition, adding a dimention of mode to those of pitch and time. A much richer discussion on the relation of words and music can ensue." - Ars Lyrica