Deamer, Robert Glen

Black Riders and Other Poems
1992 0-7734-0039-7

Importance of Place in the American Literature of Hawthorne, Thoreau, Adams, Crane, and Faulkner American Writers, American Culture, and the American Dream
1990 0-88946-163-5
Studies American writers, American culture, and the American dream in terms of myths of region, as dramatized in the lives and writings of major American authors. Place-myths are made to come alive by showing how they are dramatized in these authors' lives and the writings. The final section of the book focuses on the equally important American sense or experience of the loss of place.

Place - Dream and Other Poems
1991 0-7734-3471-2

1995 0-7734-3469-0
These poems are a celebration of place, beauty, romantic love and longing, and the inseparable inter-relationships among these things. There are two alternating and counterpointing moods: joyous and astonished contemplation of beauty, and intensity of passion, or of pain. Sugarloaf Mountain emerges as a central, unifying symbol.