Simmons, Robert E.

Professor Emeritus Robert E. Simmons has published articles on William Blake and a book on Stylistics with Michael Cummings. He received his Phil. M. from The University of Toronto.

A New Interpretation of Four of William Blake's Minor Prophecies: His Use of the "four zoas" as an Organizing Principle
2014 0-7734-4269-3
This book examines four of Blake's works that use a consistent fourfold imagery and structure based on the four "zoas", or aspects of Albion. Luvah as the zoa of "god" is the state of imgaination in England. Urthona as the zoa of "body" is the physical state of England. Urizen as the zoa of "soul" is the intellectual state of the people of England, and Tharmas as the zoa of "world" is the state of England's relationship to other countries.