Rheaume, Randy Books

Dr. Randy Rheaume is Senior Pastor of Stony Creek Church in Utica, Michigan. He holds a B.R.E. from William Tyndale College, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, a D.Min from Trinity International University, and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

An Exegetical and Theological Analysis of the Son’s Relationship to the Father in John’s Gospel: Equal Yet Subordinate
2015 1-4955-0306-2
John's Gospel is generally regarded as the clearest and boldest affirmation of Jesus' deity in the New Testament. Yet John also highlights Jesus'subordination to the Father more than any other New Testament writer. The profundity of this phenomenon has not been lost on Johannine scholarship. For nearly two millennia various approaches to the problem have been proposed by biblical scholars and theologians - often stressing equality at the expense of subordination, or vice versa.

In his thorough exegetical and theological analysis of John's Christology, Randy Rheaume proposes fresh insights into this ancient conundrum. With close attention to current Johannine scholarship, Rheaume seeks to uncover John's original meaning regarding the Son's eternal relationship to the father. Rather than appealing to disparate, pre-Johannine sources to solve the riddle, Rheaume argues that the Fourth Gospel is the product of a theological genius who brought together the diverse pieces of the Christological puzzle to produce a vibrant portrait of the person whom the writer and his community had come to believe, adore, and worship.