Kapitza, P.L. Books

Essay on the Demographic Imperative Non-Linear Theory of the Growth of Humankind
1999 0-7734-3258-2
Of all global problems world population growth is the most significant. The growth of the number of people expresses the sum outcome of all economic, social and cultural activities that comprise human history. For a phenomenological description of the global demographic process the author developed an original non-linear mathematical model for explanation of the global demographic process. The demographic transition – a transition to a stabilized world population of some 14 billion in the foreseeable future is to be determined by the inherent pattern of systemic growth of an open system, rather than by the lack of resources. The demographic revolution, a fundamental change in the paradigm of our development will be accompanied by basic changes in the age profile that never before happened since the origin of humankind. The impact of this rapid transformation on our values is critical for understanding many of the critical problems now facing the world.