Leslie, Paul Books

Gulf War as Popular Entertainment an Analysis of the Military-Industrial Media Complex
1997 0-7734-8666-6
The essays presented here provide analyses of war in the post-modern era, specifically the Persian Gulf War. Scholars interested in war, applications of post-modern theory, the media, communications, a history of modern warfare, and international affairs will find the analyses illuminating, applicable as they are to any post-modern combative event, such as Chechnea or Bosnia. The introduction details the focus of each paper, and the concluding chapter connects them conceptually, offering a new, post-modern perspective of war. The essays include: The United States-United Nations Coalition in the Persian Gulf: A Critical Evaluation (Ali Kamali); The Media in the Persian Gulf War: from Carnival to Crusade (Julia Burkhart); The Military-Industrial Complex and the Persian Gulf War: Ike's Caveat (Victor Archibong and Paul Leslie); and The Military-Industrial-Media Complex: Old Biases, New Linkages (J. Timmons Roberts).