Dukes, Paul Books

Frontiers of European Culture
1996 0-7734-8925-8
This study demonstrates how an interdisciplinary enterprise, sensitive to the problem of crossing intellectual boundaries, enhances our appreciation of those frontiers which separate one collectivity from another. Part I, 'The Social Construction of Frontiers', is theoretical, with appropriate contributions from a political scientist, sociologist, philosopher, and literature specialist. Part II, 'The Identity of Scotland', focuses on a single country as a case study: it takes a mostly historical viewpoint, examining aspects of the peripheral situation of Scotland from the late medieval period to the nineteenth century. Part III, 'Europe and the Wider World', contains a range of responses to the question of the relationship of one continent to other centers of culture. In these three directions, the book illuminates problems of us and them at a time when increasing scholarly interest in the process of globalization is making necessary deeper consideration of attitudes towards traditional divisions.