Merkley, Paul C.

About the author: Dr. Merkley received his PhD from the University of Toronto. He is Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Carleton University. He is the author of several books, including The Greek and Hebrew Origins of Our Idea of History (Mellen, 1988), and many articles and papers.

Christian Understanding of the Beginnings, the Process and the Outcome of World History Via Universalis
2001 0-7734-7512-5
The study addresses the post-Christian philosophy of history which is rooted in the 18th century, and whose anthropological assumptions now inform the college textbooks in world history. It develops some insights drawn from biblical theology which contribute to a Christian understanding of history. The argument of the book will engage scholars in philosophy of history, biblical theology, and historical theology. It will find a place in contemporary academic discussion about meaning in history in the post-Modernist age.

Greek and Hebrew Origins of Our Idea of History
1987 0-88946-777-3
Straddles two subdisciplines _ theology of history and the history of ideas _ to trace the roots of the contemporary dynamic view of global history to the writings of the ancients Greeks and Hebrews.