An-hao Huang, Paul

Dr. Paul An-hao Huang was born and educated in Taiwan. He received an MA in East Asian Studies at the National Chengchi University and a PhD in Political Science at the University of Melbourne. He is a Fellow of the School of Social and Political Sciences at Melbourne University.

Maritime Strategy of China in the Asia-Pacific: Origins, Development and Impact
2010 0-7734-1332-4
This research aims to examine how and why a continental-oriented China has shifted its maritime strategic orientation and naval force structure from its coast toward the far seas in an era of interdependent international system. Generally, China is an ancient continental land power with an incomplete oceanic awareness. With the transformation after the Cold War of China’s grand strategy from landward security to seaward security, maritime security interests have gradually become the most essential part of China’s strategic rationale. This book contains six color maps.