James, Nancy C.

Nancy Carol James holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, with a specialty in Philosophical Theology, from the University of Virginia. Dr. James serves as an Assisting Priest at Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Conflict Over the Heresy of “Pure Love” in Seventeenth-Century France: The Tumult Over the Mysticism of Madame Guyon
2008 0-7734-5009-2
Examines the feminist theology and apophatic mysticism of the under-recognized Madame Guyon.

In Your Mercy, Lord, You Called Me: A Sung Prayer in the Christian Tradition
2010 0-7734-3630-8
In this study Dr. Nancy C. James analyzes the symbolism in Josiah Conder's poetic hymn, the expression of his beliefs and the notion of prevenient theology that motivated Conder.

Social Justice, Ordination of Women, Charismatics, Homosexuality, Extra-Territorial Bishops, Etc.
2010 0-7734-1397-9
This work is an examination of the historical, cultural and theological factors that have shaped this debate within the Episcopal Church. This book includes several personal interviews, showcasing the diversity of views held on these issues. This book contains four color photographs and two black and white photographs.

The Spiritual Teachings of Madame Guyon, Including Translations Into English From Her Writings
2007 0-7734-5289-3
This work includes an essay examining the apophatic mysticism of Madame Guyon, the French mystic and writer, along translations of portions of her works, letters and poems. Annotations provide needed information to understand both the history of this important era and Guyon’s influential theology of pure love.