Marzano, Michela Books

Dr. Michela Marzano is Chargée de Recherche au CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research) in Paris, France. She is the author of Norme a natura: una genealogia del corpo umano (Naples, Vivarium, 2001), Penser le corps (Paris, PUF, 2002), La pornographie ou l’épuisement du désir (Paris, Buchet-Chastel, 2003) and Uno straniero nel corpo (Milan, Giuffré, 2004).

G. E. Moore’s Ethics: Good as Intrinsic Value
2004 0-7734-6262-7
This work offers an important and critical analysis of Moore’s conception of good and right. It aims to show how contemporary moral philosophy is still concerned with intrinsic value, at least insofar as the concepts of good and bad lie at the heart of ethics: they are at work when we assess whether a person is virtuous or vicious, an act is right or wrong, a decision defensible or indefensible, a goal desirable or undesirable.

The central thesis of the book is that, for Moore, intrinsic value has a specific and unique identity ; it is different from all the other properties an object possesses or may possess; it depends on the intrinsic nature of things, but it is nor reducible to any intrinsic property, nor to a number of them; it is not dependent on its being the object of any psychological attitude. In this way, the author wants to show that Moore was not only the first analytical philosopher, but also the first one to theorize the possibility of a third moral view between reductionism and dualism, a view capable of guaranteeing autonomy to Ethics and at the same time of maintaining a link between Ethics and the natural world.