Kitshoff, M.C.

African Independent Churches Today: Kaleidoscope of Afro-Christianity
1996 0-7734-8782-4
This work is the result of multi-disciplinary research and field work on the African Independent/Indigenous Churches, which are the fastest-growing component of Afro-Christianity. Chapters by missiologists, theologians, anthropologists, psychologists, and a musicologist examine multi-colored religious movements. Essays include: Considerations on Sources for Writing African Indigenous Church History (H.L. Pretorius); African Independent Churches in Malawi - Background and Historical Development (C. M. Pauw); Religious Freedom in Botswana - Zion Christian Church and the Nazareth Church (D. R. Boschman); Evolving Harrist Views of the Prophet Harris (D. A. Shank); Simungu Bafazini Shibe and the Formation of the Zulu Congregational Church (A. W. Z. Kuzwayo); A Reformed African Indigenous Church? (R. J. R. van der Spuy); Leaves of Healing - Christian Mission in the Context of African Witchcraft (H-J. Becken); African Indigenous Healing (S.D., Edwards); A Zionist Cleansing Ceremony - A Therapeutic Model for a Trauma-laden South Africa (H. Mkhize); Music and Leadership in Zionist Churches (M. Xulu); Religious Communication - Prayer, Sacrifice and Divination (S. K. Mfusi); The Interface Between Biblical Revelation and Extra-Biblical Revelation - An Axiom in the Development of African Indigenous Churches (S. W. D. Dube); In Search of Understanding - Anthropological Fieldwork Among Zulu Zionists in KwaMashu (M. Mohr); "Zion" - Zionists doing Theology (D. C. van Zyl); The Forces of Fire (A. S. van Niekerk); Mutual Sharing as Liberation of "Mainline" and Independent Churches (B. A. Mazibuko); Shembe Preaching - a Study in Oral Hermeneutics (J. A. Loubser); From Veneration to Deification of Isaiah Shembe - Reflections on an Oral History (M. C. Kitshoff);